On Ice Power Skating
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Core Clinics

Core Techniques Clinic

This is our primary clinic that we’ve been running for over 50 years. Players will focus on proper technique and a strong foundation including knee bend, a full-length stride, and a full return. We start with a focus on skating slowly and correctly, then slowly, correctly, and powerfully. This can take many years to learn and master. All hockey players, regardless of skill level, need a solid foundation on skating technique, balance, and explosiveness, all of which are covered in the Core clinics.

This clinic is 6 hours on ice and covers the skills up to the Intermediate AA level skills test.
*Note: This is not a learn-to-skate program.

Recommended for all skaters 7-10; skaters ages 11+ who want to improve their core skating skills or are new to Laura Stamm Power Skating; skaters up to age 13 playing house-level hockey; and adult novice league skaters.


  • Age 7+
  • Players should have one or more years of hockey experience under their belt.
  • Be able to skate backward, perform forward crossovers in one direction, and hockey stops on one side.


  • Develop good skating habits such as a deep knee bend, a full-length stride, and powerful pushes.
  • Gain a strong foundation to build on and progress into more advanced skills.

*Note: Players cannot become great skaters in just a few days, they need to practice and master each technique throughout the year. Our clinics are designed to provide knowledge and drills to use outside of the clinics.


Sorry, there are no clinics available..


Laura Stamm Power Skating reserves the right to reassign players to different groups or adjust or combine groups as necessary.

Please check our web site for possible time changes before attending.