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There is no absolute security these days so we do not store Credit Card numbers or Expiration Dates in our database. When your order is completed, all your Credit Card numbers are converted to Zeros after a few days. All Credit Card Information is encrypted on our site and it is all placed in a secure area on our site. Then it will be converted to Zeros. If you cancel an order or are given an adjustment, we may be able to refund to your credit card or we will send you a check. If you owe us some money and want to pay by credit card you may do so from the My Accounts tab.

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There are several things that could be wrong.

  1. Look for error messages.  There may be a red or grey message box. Also make sure you checked the Agree to Terms check box at the bottom of your order.
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Which Group Should I choose?

My 10 year old is a club B player - has gone to some camps - best one was Michigan Tech as 9yr old - survived that OK. Will there be any "group B" 10 year olds that are NOT AAA? He can hang with the A players in our club but AAA would probably be a stretch.

The players age and level of play are not as important as the players attention span. We have 2 age groups A= 7-10 and group B age 11 to adult. So the question breaks down to should the player be in the group with 7 yr old's or High School age player.

The gray area is the 10 yr old players. We feel the 10 yr old travel players should have a little better work ethic and self-discipline. Also the 10 your old players that have been to one of OUR Power Skating Clinics will be familiar with our progression. So in both of these circumstances we allow the player the option to register for Group B.

Look at our clinics as individual technique development taught in a group setting. So their attention span is more important than their level of play. If you are comparing your player to 10 yr old AAA players that is should not be the consideration. Group B could contain AAA High School age players and Group A could contain 7 yr old house players. Just because a player is playing AAA does not mean he knows how to skate. But it is an indication of his dedication to the sport and his attention span. All 9 yr old returning AAA players should be in Group A.

You can take the above group consideration out of the equation if you sign your player up for a one group Combined group clinic. In this situation the instructor knows the age distribution going into the clinic and can adjust his presentation accordingly.

For more information please read the article titled Firm Foundation vs Challenge at the bottom of our home page and

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