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Backward C-Cut Video mini lesson by Instructor Team Leader Alan Noble.

Backward C-Cuts are best used when traveling at full speed going backward or in 1 on 1 situations as a defenseman. Backward crossovers are still best for acceleration and lateral movement. So the best way to do this is by performing 1 crossover to get your speed up, then going into the backward c-cuts.

Also the arm swing shown is used only in low pressure situations and when going for absolute maximum speed. When you are in a high pressure situation such as a 1 on 1 or 2 on 1 against you, you can do many things with your stick and might not be able to swing your arms.

Tip: The Pivot (Tight Turn)

One of the most important agility moves in hockey is the pivot or tight turn. Wayne Gretzky was a master of this move. He used it magically to escape defenders and accelerate into open ice with the puck.

The pivot is a forward skating move in which the player executes a tight turn and emerges from it still skating forward, but in a new direction. It is an extremely important hockey move because it gives the player numerous options.



"To be honest, I was happy just to get drafted - Laura's system helped get me into the NHL."


Catch or Be Caught

How do you know if someone is a fast skater? The best way to find out is always by having a race. And the type of race that most often stands out in a game is the race between a skater on a break away and one back checking.


by Alan Noble, Instructor

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