On Ice Power Skating
For Hockey Players!


Basic AA Test

This is the first test given. It covers the basic materials that a student should remember from the previous year. Students differ in skill level and age so this test is sometimes skipped. Occasionally this test is given during the students first year at the clinic if their skills are adequate for this level.

  • Drag toes, touch heels in v/diamond
  • Stride/touch, heels in v/diamond
  • Hockey stop, parallel edges (one outside, one inside)
  • Forward inside edges. Two on each foot.
  • Knee drops, forward and backward (no hands on ice)
    • Three knee drops skating forward
    • Three knee drops skating backwards
  • Forward C-cuts. Glide on a straight line.

All of these techniques are covered in our standard clinics

Basic AA Test

Intermediate A Test

Intermediate AA Test

Advanced A Test

Advanced AA Test

All Star A Test

All Star AA Test