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Sponsored Clinic

Skater Instructor Trainer Alan Noble

Sponsored Clinic for Associations and Teams

A Laura Stamm Power Skating sponsored Clinic is when a team or association hires us to provide a Team Leader, Certified in our system, to instruct their players on proper skating technique. All sponsored clinics are subject to instructor availability

We charge $295 per on ice hour for one instructor plus expenses (plus tax if applicable). We recommend 6 hrs of instruction (three 2 hr sessions) for players ages 7-adult for the best cost/benefit ratio. Players younger than 7 should receive enough age appropriate exposure to our system if their coaches attend/help at the clinic.

If the groups are fairly large (about 30 give or take) we recommend at least one helper with experience in our system. There is an added charge of $50 per on ice hour plus expenses if we provide that added helper. We also highly recommend association coaches (or team coaches for team sponsored clinic) be on the ice as additional helpers. This will help familiarize them with our power skating system so they can reinforce the concepts in their team practices. We offer a free one hour on ice coaches clinic for participating associations. This is usually not needed for Team Sponsored clinics.

We recommend weekends (Fri evening thru Sun) for sponsored clinic offered during the school year. Always schedule your younger players at the earlier times. Some associations want their very young players to also receive formal Power Skating instruction. For these associations we recommend a total of 2 one hour sessions early Sat and Sun morning ahead of the older players.

NOTE: The sponsoring organization provides their own marketing materials and liability insurance. We do have approved brochure and poster templates you can down load from our website.

For more information please call 800-320-9558. email powerhockey @ laurastamm.net (remove spaces)

Please complete the  Sponsored Clinic Request.Form to schedule a clinic for your team or association.

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I just want to let you know that we feel the Laura Stamm Power Skating Clinic was excellent. Logan is an amazing instructor. He did a fabulous job interacting with and teaching our young hockey players. Our coaches thought the coaches clinic was invaluable and loved the fact that they were able to be on the ice with Logan and watch, observe, and help Logan coach up our players. Everyone was impressed with the amount of time Logan put on the ice on Saturday. Incredible! Even with the many hours he put in, his instruction never faltered. His energy was incredible.  

Thank you again for providing us with such a special instructor and we look forward to contacting you in the future for another clinic.

Marc Glowack Oct 2015
President Int'l Falls Rec Hockey Association