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For Hockey Players!

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This business is seasonal and therefore is not a good full time job. However it can be a very rewarding part time position while preparing for or attending college or if you have your summers off (example school teacher).

We only train people for Team Leader who agree to work within our (Laura Stamm Power Skating) system. It takes a long time to become a Certified Laura Stamm Instructor. It is cost prohibitive (and not a good business practice) for us to train someone that intends to go out and compete against us.

It usually takes at least a year of training to become "Certified" in our system and may require private lessons with our Instructor Trainer (Alan Noble or Laura Stamm) if you try to do it in a year. We usually recruit instructor candidates from high school or college players (familiar with our system) interested in working with us and possibility becoming an instructor while in College.

If you are a very good skater, have the summers off and are still interested in becoming a Certified Instructor, please call us at 800-320-9558 and send us a video clip of your skating to alan @ laurastamm.net (remove the spaces).

However we do offer limited training in our system for coaches or anyone that wants to work as an on ice assistant within our system or for personal development.

For Example we encourage (and sometimes require) coaches attend the clinic as helpers when associations or teams bring us in for a sponsored clinic. For the associations we often offer a free 1 hour on ice coaches clinic before the sponsored clinic. The objective is to provide a basis for the coaches to reinforce the concepts at their practices.

For a general knowledge or to become an on ice assistant at our clinics, you should take at least one or more of our clinics when it comes through your area. For an in depth detailed analysis of our system we suggest you take our Elite Workshop offered in Chicago, Minneapolis, Toronto and other areas the later part of June - early July each year. This workshop is designed for high level players ages 15-Adult.

Team Leader & Candidate Requirements

  1. Has Demonstrated Skating Skills at the Elite Level.
  2. Has a very good appreciation (knowledge) of the Laura Stamm Power Skating System.
    • Source = Book & DVD, Elite Workshop, Instructor Trainer, Laura Stamm.
  3. Has Demonstrated the necessary Teaching Skills to teach the Laura Stamm Power Skating System to all Players:
    • Male & Female ranging in age from about 7 to Adult.
    • Skills ranging from Novice to Elite.
  4. Has attended and has assisted at one or more Elite Workshops.
  5. Has the Management Skills needed to Supervise & Train Clinic Staff, Interface with rink staff and make decisions regarding:
    • Player Disciplinary Action.
    • Staff Disciplinary Action.
    • How to handle Scheduling problems, for example Ice is unfit, or booking conflicts.
  6. Able to handle Crisis Situations. For Example:
    • Player or Staff Injuries.
      • Current First Aid & CPR Certification is Required.
    • Documentation and Reporting Abnormal Violent Behavior and taking the necessary action to Protect the Players and Staff.
    • Documentation and Reporting any allegations of Sexual Abuse.
  7. Has the Off Ice Re pore' and Charisma to deal with both Supportive & Concerned Parents and Players.

Please create an account and complete the  Job Application.Form if you are interested joining our ITeam..

Thank you for your interest in Laura Stamm Power Skating

Bob Noble